About Meredith H Erickson

My Work

My work focuses on lifestyle home decor. I design product that you want to touch because of the glazes, finishes or unique material combinations. Everything from form, glaze, texture, and patina creates that experience. Creating product to be enjoyed for a lifetime is my motivation. In addition to designing trend based home product, I design custom home product and advise on interiors.

I have traveled the world seeking design inspiration, and have expansive material and manufacturing knowledge from ceramics to basketweaving. I foster the use of recycled materials, and find new ways of using them in the home.


I have over 15 years of experience, designing trend based home decor for specialty retailers, with a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. My strength is in creating new product lines, and evolving existing product categories while reading lifestyle trends.

As a Brooklyn native I am continually energized by the melting pot of creatives around me. When I'm not designing, you'll find me wandering museums and galleries, organizing an Eco Fair, or teaching at Pratt Institute.

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